Creating Online Training

Build Online Courses

A complete set of built-in templates gets you up and running quickly. Your courses are limited only by your imagination.

Everything In One Platform

FlexTraining provides a complete portfolio of integrated E-Learning Software tools. It is no longer necessary to buy a learning management system from one vendor, an authoring tool from another, and collaboration tools from a third.

Re-use Existing Learning Materials

This is a money-saving approach. Built-in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful E-Learning toolset. FlexTraining is a complete end-to-end training framework.

Sign Up, Start Training

Some companies do not have a web server or are not interested in licensing an E-Learning Software package. For these organizations, our Login & Go service is the perfect answer.

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Build Online Courses

Easy Course Development Process

A proven, streamlined process for creating effective business training and deploying it to your target audience.


A Simple Process for Creating Business Learning Content

Planning Your Courses

  • The Planning phase is a necessary activity for any successful E-learning project. These steps should help lead you to a documented, sensible training development plan and a smooth deployment.

Create Learning Material and Courses

  • The Create Learning Material phase of course development is where you will create actual online learning material. You might decide to use external files, such as Flash movies, streaming audio or video, or you may decide to enter text and images directly into the FlexTraining Course Builder. There are many ways to develop and deliver learning content when you use FlexTraining.

Best Practices

  • Utilize proven techniques and practices to help you produce the best content, with minimal time and effort, leading to the best results possible. Most of these best practices do not directly depend on the provided technology, but you will utilize technology to implement each practice.
  • Below are selected practices which have, with experience, proven to have a positive impact on online corporate training projects. These practices tend to either cut costs and development effort, or improve the quality and effectiveness of the training itself, or both.


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We used the learning platform from FlexTraining to develop our course material.