Getting Started with FlexTraining

Build Your Own Courses

A complete set of built-in templates gets you up and running quickly. Your courses are limited only by your imagination.

Everything In One Place

FlexTraining provides a complete portfolio of integrated E-Learning Software tools. It is no longer necessary to buy a learning management system from one vendor, an authoring tool from another, and collaboration tools from a third.

Re-use Existing Learning Materials

Built-in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful E-Learning toolset. FlexTraining is a complete end-to-end training framework.

Buy Nothing, Start Training

Some companies do not have a web server or are not interested in licensing an E-Learning Software package. For these organizations, our Login & Go service is the perfect answer.

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Learning Management System

How To Get Started

Four steps to launching your state-of-the-art online training project.


Review, Watch, Complete, and Engage

Get started today by following these four simple steps:

  1. Review the rest of this web site, considering whether a versatile, streamlined online training system is what you are looking for.
  2. Spend a few minutes watching the FlexTraining multimedia online demos. They will give you a good view of how the system works for managers and learners.
  3. To allow us to better assist you, please take a moment to complete the short info request form. This your chance to ask us for additional information or collateral, and to tell us about your project.
  4. One of our E-Learning Consultants will contact you to follow up. These are professionals whose job it is to guide you in your investigation and decision-making. Take advantage of our experience and engage fully with your E-Learning Consultant.



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We used the learning platform from FlexTraining to develop our course material.